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We are here, in Oakland.  Want to reach out to your customers in your city? Advertise with us.


We get around The Town! We’ll bring fun to where you are. Jogging? We’re there! Celebrating? We’re there! Waiting on line? Having a stretch break? Picnicking? Just hanging out? We’re there!


Play with friends and family. Play with strangers. Play in a group, or by yourself. Shout out answers; post to Facebook; use an app. Just hang out outside with us!

Outdoors Mobile and Social? We’ve got you covered.

Targeted, High-Impact, Outdoor Advertising

Ads on the Go

If this was a race this would be first place.

What do we do most? Drive around, show you to the whole city, or bring your advertising to just your neighborhood.

Play and Stay

Driving all day gets boring, sometimes we like to stop for a while in the most popular walk along locations.

And we can be seen from blocks away.

Just Guess What’s Next

We have some fun stuff in the works. Game night, Movie night, Outside Dance Party? 

It’s coming, become a member early to lock in lower rates.

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