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  1.  Playing games on the Median Media outdoor screens is considered an agreement to follow and be bound by the rules contained herein. And the user accepts responsibility for checking to see if the contest rules are regularly updated.
  2. To participate in any Median Media giveaways, Participants must simply play games on the Median Media screens and exchange M-M POINTS (hereinafter “points”) for prizes at the game site.
  3. Anyone playing the games or attempting to exchange points won therein for prizes is to be considered a “Participant.”
  4. All prizes have taxable value based on the highest of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, the “face value” of the item, or the price paid by Median Media for the item in question.
  5. In order to obtain prizes, participants must provide their names, phone numbers and email addresses on the forms provided by Median-Media.
  6. Taxable value of all items won are tracked on a per participant basis and are reported if and when the participant’s number of claimed items exceeds $599.99 in any calendar year.
  7. At the time participants attempt to claim any item that brings their total above $599.99, they will not be permitted to receive delivery or take possession unless or until they provide necessary tax reporting information.
  8. Median Media reserves the right to charge a reasonable handling and/or shipping fee to deliver items to winners.
  9. There is no price for entry.
  10. There is no price to claim prizes, though there may in some instances be a shipping fee to receive physical objects.
  11. Only those aged 16 years or older may use the Median Media app or collect Prizes without permission from a parent or guardian.
  12. At the time of this set of rules information is unavailable regarding the number of participants and users or the likelihood of winning.
  13. Employees, shareholders, and vendors working directly for Median Media or their immediate families are not eligible to claim prizes through the Median Media App.
  14. Any and all social media posts made to claim points or prizes for Median Media must include the #MedianMediaPoints hashtag.
  15. No amount of prize winnings creates any sort of ongoing employee-employer or similar relationship no matter the nature of or value of those winnings or the frequency with which one achieves them.
  16. Prizes have no cash value.
  17. If Median Media does not have an item in stock or available, the user is limited to the selection of those items which are in stock or available.
  18. The fact Median Media once provided an item is not an assurance that item will ever be provided again.
  19. Items may take 6-8 weeks for delivery.
  20. If an item becomes unavailable during the 6-8 week delivery period, Median Media reserves the right to refund the shipping fee in whole, refund all points, and notify the participant that the prize is no longer available.
  21. Median Media reserves the right to change, abridge, discontinue, amend, cancel, or terminate this giveaway program at any time without notice.
  22. Should an act of law or legislature render any aspect of these laws illegal or unenforceable, the remainder of these rules will stay in effect to the extent which is possible by law.
  23. Median Media and Participants in the contest agree that should a disagreement occur and litigation be initiated under this agreement, damages are limited to actual financial damages for any damages other than moneys paid by the participant, the cost of goods expected but not received, and/or legal costs, are unforeseeable.


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