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Median-Media, Start Your Engines

Apr 10, 2021 | Median-Media

Median-Media is a new company hoping to bridge the gap between business and customer. We want to create a cross-platform user that views the truck and wants to go to the website, wants to participate. This all started with our dear friend Peggy Moore. Without Peggy we never would have gotten here, and now we are exploring new ways for people to interact with our truck. We have a long list of things we want to do in the future, and we want our advertisers to be excited about getting to be a part of our game nights! We want to have upload your own movie nights! We want to do scavenger hunts for the truck, we want to play games like musical screens, we want to try out a lot of things that we haven’t seen before. 

Now that’s a big goal and there are a lot of parts, and we have to get there. In the meantime, we have something to offer already. Median-Media is a single truck with 3 screens, but we are driving around. You can be on our screens while we drive around. We envision these routes being part of our business for a long time, even as we add everything else to your ads. 

But where to drive, right? Well that was pretty easy, we thought about our home city, we live in Oakland ourselves, i grew up here. This city is beautiful and friendly and exciting. It was easy to find some places to start out, the lake touches a lot of Oakland and leads to every part of Oakland. Broadway, the heart of downtown and uptown, and a street filled with people was a perfect choice. And we thought about where we would expand in the future, maybe Berkeley and Emeryville, San Francisco, so North Oakland was an obvious choice as well.

Finally we wanted to have a great mascot, luckily we have the cutest dog of all time, Midge. You’ll see her all over our website, twitter, insta, facebook. And if you’re lucky you might meet her at events!

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