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Media on the Median

What do we do?

We drive business by driving down the street. When others are standing still we keep it moving.

This isn’t the same old billboard advertising seen by the same 7 people in the offices across the way every day. No, this is a way to get your billboard, your advertisements, to be seen around The Town.

Median-Media is a company that is working on new ways of getting your message to your customers. We are at the starting line of this race but we intend on powering through the pack at max speed.

Join us on this road trip! INTRODUCTORY RATES APPLY!

FREE Website Advertising Included!

Oh, and before we drive off into the sunset, I almost forgot to mention. You can’t hear me? Oh, i’ll roll down the window, is that better? So like I was saying, we put all of todays ads on our website.

We keep those ads up for 1 week. We offer packages that include more time on our website. And of course, membership gets you access to the archives section which will keep your ad online for as much as 6 months.

(This is an introductory offer, the membership plan will continue to change as we grow).


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